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PetEng Plus Services

PetEng Plus performs a variety of services related to the upstream sector of the petroleum industry. The firm offers expertise in the primary scientific specialties related to petroleum reservoir engineering such as those listed below.

  • Prospect, new venture and M&A evaluations; due diligence

  • Field development studies and detailed depletion planning: oil, gas, gas condensate and unconventional resources

  • Subsurface modelling: geological, black oil and compositional

  • Reservoir and well performance analysis, enhancement, optimisation and benchmarking

  • Reserves assessment, audit and compliance

  • Preparation of exploration appraisal strategy

  • Preparation of fluid sampling strategy, experimental design, PVT modelling and EoS development

  • Integrated asset modelling

  • Well testing design and analysis

  • Gas deliverability studies

  • Displacement process - SCAL design and interpretation

  • Waterflood and EOR screening

  • Gas displacement EOR studies: miscible gas injection and WAG

  • Oil field scale squeeze treatment modelling, design and optimisation

  • Dataroom representation

  • Underground gas storage and CO2 sequestration

  • Unconventional gas resources studies: tight gas, shale gas and coal bed methane

  • Project economic modelling

  • Engineering software development, testing and training

  • Peer assists and reviews

  • Project management and subsurface lead


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